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Women's Wellness

A healthy spinal column is essential for the health of the female reproductive system.  Chiropractic care can help the ovaries, oviducts (tubes), uterus, cervix, vagina and related structures function better.  The relationship between the spinal column, reproductive system, nervouse system, endocrine system and overall health is extensive.


Many women who initially visit our office for spinal problems are pleased to discover relief from menstrual and other gynecological conditions after their vertebral subluxations have been corrected.  The attitude "If I don't have a backache, I don't need the chiropractor" is a serious misconception that keeps many from getting the chiropractic help they need.


Menstrual/Premenstrual Problems

For over a hundred years, many women who have suffered from a wide variety of pelvic and gynecological conditions including pain, PMS, bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunctions, have discovered the natural benefits of chiropractic care.  Regular adjustments can reduce or eliminate the discomfort of menstration. 



Over half of the hysterectomies performed each year in the U.S. may be unnecessary. Furthermore, after surgery, many women experience depression; loss of stamina; loss of sex drive and decreased sexual response; urinary incontinence; bowel problems; icy feet and toes; diminished sensation from the waist down; bone and joint pain; memory loss and other problems.  Few doctors warn their patients about the too-common after effects of hysterectomy.  Before any woman submits to this potentially damaging operation, if possible, she should explore non-surgical alternatives however, chiropractic care is essential for any woman who has had a hysterectomy to ensure that her remaining internal organs function without nerve interference to better compensate for the organs that were removed.


Menopause is a normal physiological state, but some doctors consider it a disease.   We embrace natural approaches when dealing with the symptoms of menopause.  Why not explore those alternatives by calling our office to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors.

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