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Diagnostic Testing


Our Wellness center offers a selection of diagnostic test that provide an objective analysis of an individual's nutritional and biochemical status in several key areas. With these tests, nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations can be objectively targeted for faster and more effective results, saving both time and expense. The progress of an individual can also be accuratley tracked to monitor the success of the treatment and help to direct the course of action.


Biological Terrain Analysis

This is a group of tests done using the patient's salivia and urine. It is performed in our office using sophisticated equipment that detects biochemical processes, deficiencies, oxidation and reduction, PH and resistivity. This unique testing system provides a reliable picture of the nutritional and biological terrain of the body. Each test provides a piece of the puzzle, which viewed collectively, presents important clues about underlying nutritional blocks to health and vitality.


Saliva Hormone Testing

Although blood is traditionally used in medicine to measure hormone levels, it is not the best method to evaluate hormone function. Saliva is a far better fluid to use because it reflects what is happening at the cellular level.


Hair Analysis

Hair is a storage site for toxins, especially toxic metals. We use hair analysis to detect and measure amounts of specific toxic metals in the body such as Mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium or arsenic.  


Hair is also an excellent way to test mineral content.  Minerals are the "sparkplugs" of life. They are invovled in almost all enzyme reactions within the body and without enzyme activity, life cease to exist. A trace mineral analysis can be a very valuable screening tool. For example if your hair reveals an elavated level of calcium then the calcium level in the body is eleavated. This leads to a strong tendency for arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). If the calcium level in the hair is low then a tendency exists toward osteoporosis (demineralization of the bones).


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