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Is low back pain the result of a muscle relaxer shortage?

Back Pain Is A Modern Epidemic !

80% of Americans will experience disabling low back pain at least once during their lives!


At this moment six million Americans are in bed with back pain, at a yearly cost of up to $ 50 billion in lost work, compensation payments and medical bills.


Chiropractic care is "more cost-effective than traditional medical care," with the results being "long term."


Our Chiropractors have helped hundreds of people with low back problems, often saving them from pain, disability, drugs and surgery. This may make the difference between a life of ease, health and comfort or a life of pain, disease and disability.


What Do Major Government Studies Reveal?

Low back pain sufferers have received very good news lately. Major government studies from the U.S. and Canada have reaffirmed what chiropractic patients have been telling their friends with back pain for years:  "Why don't you see my chiropractor? You'll probably get better much faster than from drugs or surgery, and it's safer too."

What Did The U.S. Government Discover?

In 1994, the Federal government sent shock waves throughout the health care system when a definitive public pronouncement established chiropractic as one of the preferred and most effective methods of care for acute adult low back pain.  The panel revealed that extended bed rest (more than four days) was harmful, and that muscle relaxants and surgery can be unnecessary and, in some cases, harmful.


What Canadian Researchers Found.
The Manga Report was commissioned by the government of Ontario in Canada.  Leading economists found that chiropractic care for patients with low back pain is superior to medical care in terms of safety, scientific evidence of effectiveness, cost and patient satisfaction.


The Manga Report stated..."The higher satisfaction levels expressed by patients of chiropractors offer an overwhelming case in favour of much greater use of chiropractic services in the management of low back pain.  A very good case can be made for making chiropractors the gatekeepers for management of low-back pain in the workers' compensation system."


The Facts Speak For Themselves.
Doctors of chiropractic relieve chronic and severe pain, both immediate and long term, in one half the time it takes medical physicians. There are now in excess of 60 scientific studies which demonstrate the value of manipulation.  Manipulation is a most effective and cost-effective form of treatment for dysfunctional problems in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines.  For patients with acute low back symptoms without radiculopathy, the scientific evidence suggests spinal manipulation is effective in reducing pain and perhaps speeding recovery within the first month of symptoms.


Chiropractic Is Better For You.
Why are the results so overwhelmingly in favor of chiropractic?  Because painkillers, muscle relaxers, Valium TM, braces, physical therapy and surgery are not designed to correct vertebral subluxations, chiropractic is.


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