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Nutritional Consultation

Did you ever wonder what vitamin or nutritional supplement to take, or what food you really need to eat more or less of?


At our office we believe, that given the proper nutrition, your body has an amazing capacity to keep itself healthy.  We also believe that nutrition should be individualized to meet each person's unique nutritional needs.  In other words, "One size does NOT fit all".

Nutritional consultations and testing are available to help guide you towards the most effective nutrition for you.


Whether you want to lose weight, balance your vitamins and minerals, explore deeper health concerns or simply improve your diet, NUTRITIONAL TESTING will identify your body's unique requirements.  Through AK Nutrient testing, Hair Analysis, Free Radical testing, Malabsorbtion testing and Adrenal Fatigue testing, we can help identify and eliminate nutritional, chemical and energetic imbalances and suggest specific nutritional supplements that will benefit and support your individual wellness.


Based on your unique requirements, a protocol will be developed that suits your lifestyle and will allow you to achieve your health goals. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and supplement recommendations.



Vitamins and Supplements

Our office carries professional-grade nutritional product lines to meet the biochemical needs of individual patients. These products come from the finest sources and are formulated from whole food ingredients that fill the gaps of less-than-perfect diets. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition.



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