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Kelly combines the best aspects of neuromuscular therapies, therapeutic exercises, integrated acupoint stimulation, stress reduction therapies, homeopathic remedies and energy medicine to deliver a "whole-body" approach to restorative patient care.


In addition, Kelly is a yoga master.  She began studying yoga with a home practice over eight years ago.  After many years of treating people on her massage table, her beliefs led her to study the movements that led to some of the problems that she was seeing.  Kelly uses her yoga expertise to teach patients about proper breathing and healing in motion.  She is passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body and the mind.  Kelly encourages her clients to be active participants in the healing process, and as a practitioner, brings balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit through breathing techniques and her nurturing and therapeutic touch. 

 Kelly P. Crider  

If you are interested in learning more about Kelly's yoga classes are would like to sign up for a class, visit our strategic partners site by clicking the Core Bodyworks logo to the right.

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